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Mount Construction Founded

Dave Smith, a 23-year old vocational student, founded Mount Construction while living in a hotel room. Though trained in carpentry, Dave wanted to take a different path. He leaned on his relationships to perform house line clearing and excavation work.  

Company Growth

Quickly adding utilities, concrete and paving, MOUNT moved largely to the public sector in 1994. From there, the business evolved into a utility center contractor with nearly 30 employees. In addition, MOUNT grew the day-to-day operations providing emergency services to multiple water departments, sewer divisions, and several southern NJ municipalities.

100 Team Members Reached


Mount Materials Founded

Mount Materials was added as an operating business;
a fixed base and mobile recycling and crushing operation.

Harleysville Materials Acquired

MOUNT acquired Harleysville Materials, a blue and red stone quarry in Harleysville, Pennsylvania.
Heavy civil construction and maintenance arena experienced continued growth.

Large Government Contracts Won

MOUNT controlled a large portion of the market share for maintenance and repair work involving public agencies. MOUNT partnered with the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Turnpike Commission and worked on state-owned bridges such as the Commodore Barry Bridge, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Acquired Dive America

MOUNT aggressively grew into the marine construction and maintenance world, performing underwater construction and repairs along with dredging and other major marine based work.

MOUNT adds Pocono Sand and Stone to our family of companies, expanding our aggregate supply to TWO quarry operations.