Build on Mount’s Commercial Diving Expertise

THE MOUNT GROUP’s commercial diving and coastal team, DIVE AMERICA is built on decades of experience completing projects along the coastlines and waterways of the Mid-Atlantic. Barrier beaches, broad rivers, and wetlands — our region has it all. Shoreline maintenance is crucial to protecting our infrastructure, businesses, and homes, and MOUNT takes our responsibility to the coastal community seriously.


Future-Facing Coastal and Marine Protection

Building for the future means planning for the forces that will threaten our coast in the future. Along coastlines, erosion and storm damage is constant, and it takes ongoing, proactive measures to counter its effects. Whether we are replenishing damaged beaches or building up shorelines to withstand hurricanes, MOUNT’s marine infrastructure work fortifies New Jersey’s waterfronts and protects our clients’ investments.

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Our Commercial Diving Services


Commercial Diving

Our commercial diving team specializes in tough underwater maintenance, repair, and installation work in marine settings of all kinds. From pier and structure inspections to piling repair and jacketing or underwater welding, our experienced divers perform crucial work safely and efficiently.


Beach Replenishment

The beaches and shorelines of the mid-Atlantic face heavy pressure from tides and surf, and each year natural wave erosion carries away huge quantities of sand. DIVE AMERICA specializes in replenishing eroded beaches using dredged sands. Our coastal team serves clients with ongoing beach restoration plans and emergency response to storm events.


Shoreline Protection and Coastal Resiliency

Erosion, rising sea levels, and major storms can all conspire to wreak havoc on coastlines. The best protection against these forces is a shoreline fortified with natural barriers. We help clients plan and develop living shorelines that protect against erosion using rocks and boulders, sand and fill, and native plant life.


Breakwater, Revetment, and Jetties

THE MOUNT GROUP’s marine construction team builds deep-set breakwaters, revetments, and jetties to disrupt the ocean’s impact on fragile shorelines. Offering rock and fill materials mined at our own facility, MOUNT controls quality, supply, and construction to build lasting solutions.


Combined System Overflows

Combined sewer systems carry a mix of stormwater and partially treated wastewater. Heavy rains and melting snow can overwhelm these systems, causing discharges of contaminated wastewater to nearby waterways. MOUNT CONSTRUCTION has the specialized knowledge to handle these emergencies, shoring up the system and protecting the local environment.


Tide Gates

Tide gates are an important part of the Mid-Atlantic’s coastal infrastructure. Managing tidewater can protect coastal landscapes and infrastructure. DIVE AMERICA’s coastal team works with clients to site effective tide gate locations and performs complete installations with a focus on safety and protecting the environment.

Commercial Diving and Coastal Solutions for Your Next Project

DIVE AMERICA is on the front line of New Jersey’s coastal defense. Get in touch with our Diving, Coastal Work, and Rehabilitation team today to learn more about what we can do for you.