At MOUNT, we promote a team-first culture–one built on a foundation of respect, openness, and honesty. We push each other to be better every day, be safe on the job, and take pride in the tough work we do when others can’t. 

Relationship Driven

We are a relationship-driven company that collaborates with each other, our clients, and our partners to deliver the best value. When you work with us, you get a team approach that knows and understands the challenges projects face. We understand the importance of safety, quality, and adaptability. We are a ground-up construction company that can execute a broad range of projects.

Employee Focused

Our success starts with our people. From the administrative office to the construction site, our staff powers our growth. We invest heavily in training so that we can deliver the industry’s best knowledge on every project we execute. Our leaders and senior staff pass their knowledge on to the next generation of MOUNT employees, ensuring that we build on our success and encourage growth.

Diversity Minded

MOUNT is dedicated to diversity at all levels of the business. We respect and value different perspectives and consider it our duty to encourage minority participation in our industry.  We foster diversity in our hiring, through our partnerships, and in our mentoring program, the Disadvantaged and Diversity Mentoring Program (DDMP).

MOUNT’s DDMP breaks down barriers for qualified disadvantaged business entities (DBE’s) looking to work on MOUNT projects. We partner with underrepresented New Jersey businesses who are small, minority-owned, disabled, or veteran-owned, to provide mentorship and support throughout the entire project. All DDMP participants are pre-qualified and work with MOUNT early in the project development process, which creates additional opportunities for greater contribution and involvement. We strive for 100% New Jersey participation and 25% DBE participation on every proposal we submit.

Safety Conscious

We take a proactive approach to safety, identifying potential hazards during the project planning phase to prevent problems at the job site.
Among many of our safety measures, we develop project-specific safety plans and provide in-house and outside training to our crews.
Safety is a key part of our culture and at the forefront of our business model.