Full-Service Environmental Solutions

Environmental issues can cause major disruptions to a project’s progress. Old structures and rubble, hazardous materials, contaminated soils — improving a site for development or construction can be costly and time-consuming.

MOUNT works with clients as their environmental remediation partner. With a thorough understanding of Federal, State, and Local environmental requirements, our crews do the hard work to move your project forward.

Fast Response to Keep Projects On Schedule

MOUNT is a regional leader in full-service environmental remediation and site clean-up. Our team is highly experienced at performing complex clean-ups and resolving environmental headaches to keep your projects on schedule. Constantly training on new techniques and equipment, MOUNT stays ahead of the curve, applying cutting-edge approaches to the environmental solutions we offer anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Site Clearing

MOUNT offers full-service site clearing and clean-up. From demolition to removal, we’re capable of handling any challenge efficiently. Our crews clear sites quickly while minimizing impacts on the land. With a surplus of heavy equipment and specialized staff ready to deploy on short notice, we’re ready to respond when our clients need us.


Surface and Subsurface Hazardous Materials Clean-Up

Fuel oil, industrial chemicals, and other hazardous materials spills require immediate attention. With fully trained staff on-call and ready to respond to emergencies, MOUNT specializes in mitigating a wide range of hazardous materials. Making short work of complex clean-ups and disposal, our crews do the hard work to keep your projects on track.


Contaminated Soil Excavation and Disposal

MOUNT is fully licensed to excavate, haul, and dispose of contaminated soils. Carefully determining the extent of contamination, we use a range of techniques and technologies to isolate and remove contaminated soils for landfill disposal or recycling at our full-service facility.


Soil Containment and Dewatering

MOUNT employs the latest, best practices to safely and effectively rid construction sites of excess water. Using wells, sumps, and dewatering bags, our crews handle soil containment, dewatering, and off-site discharge. Carefully accounting for pollutants, we specialize in removing contaminated soils from collected water and disposing it according to all environmental standards and laws.


Passive Gas Systems for Contaminated Soils

Passive gas screening is a key tool for identifying and tracking the presence of hazardous gases and contaminants as they evaporate in soils and groundwater. MOUNT installs complete passive gas systems, helping clients to assess the extent of contamination at their worksites and develop plans to address removal.

Prepare Your Environmental Strategy with Mount

Mount Group’s environmental solutions are designed to meet the rules and regulations of all local and national oversight, including the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Get in touch with our environmental team today to learn how we can help.

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