Piling Solutions for Strong Foundations

Piling creates a secure foundation for building on any terrain. DIVE AMERICA’s piling team carefully analyzes soil strength, local geology, and water tables to strategize the best approach to installing pilings and securing stable foundations for our clients to build on.  H-piles, wooden piles, steel sheeting — our custom piling solutions allow builders to contend with the unstable soils, shoreline, and wetland environments that make up the Mid-Atlantic region.

Retrofitting Pilings for Longer Life

Rehabilitating existing foundations and pilings can extend a structure’s longevity and protect it against damage. Especially important for bridges and buildings in shoreline environments, piling can futureproof a foundation against rising water levels and seismic damage.

DIVE AMERICA specializes in developing efficient solutions to complex piling challenges with minimal disruptions to the general public.

Our Piling services


Pile Jacketing

Pilings can sustain extensive wear and tear. Environmental and outside forces can conspire to create cracks or weaken the load-bearing strength of pilings. DIVE AMERICA’s piling specialists strengthen existing piles by wrapping them in steel sheeting and filling them with concrete or epoxy. Our crews work efficiently to extend the life of a wide range of structures.


Steel Sheeting

Whether on land or in water, MOUNT CONSTRUCTION specializes in setting and driving steel sheet pilings. Using an interlocking structure to form a continuous wall, steel sheeting stabilizes soil and holds back water, providing foundational integrity for retaining walls and a range of marine infrastructure. Our work is safe, cost-effective, and built to last.


Pile Driving

Maintaining all of our heavy equipment in-house, MOUNT CONSTRUCTION performs large and small-scale pile driving projects in any environment. Our crews deliver, set, and drive piles for bridges, buildings, retaining walls, marine infrastructure, and more, putting safety first. From new builds to retrofits, MOUNT CONSTRUCTION’s pile driving team is committed to setting the best foundations for your structures.

Your Piling Partner

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