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Site development generates tons of excess soils and fill materials. Safe and efficient disposal is key to keeping job sites clear and projects moving forward. MOUNT’s material division offers full-service soil recycling services for builders, contractors, and businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic. Our cost-effective soil solutions enable responsible development and preserve the environment.

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Operating strictly under all Pennsylvania and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) guidelines,
our materials division helps busy clients navigate complex environmental regulations to keep their sites free and clear.

We are committed to ensuring environmental compliance for your soil recycling and disposal program.

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Soil Recycling Solutions Services


Contaminated Soils

Our materials division specializes in contaminated soils removal and recycling. Our soil recycling team offers complete excavation and haul-off services, permitting expertise, and a range of treatment and remediation options. Mount is your partner for fast and cost-effective contaminated soil removal and recycling.


Drill Cuttings

Capturing drilling mud is an opportunity to recycle drilling cuttings, which can be used for a variety of road and soil stabilization applications or as aggregate material in concrete. Our materials division works in partnership with premier drilling companies to traps drilling mud and remove the drill cuttings for processing and recycling.


Historical Fill

Historical fill was deposited before modern standards and regulations for clean fill were established. As a result, historical fill can contain all manner of contaminants. Our materials division handles complete historical fill excavation and recycling, ensuring stable soils for building and environmental compliance for your project site.



Sewage sludge is the byproduct of wastewater treatment and often contains heavy metal contaminants and other environmental hazards. Our materials division specializes in treating and recycling sludge, removing contaminants while retaining valuable nutrients and organic materials. Cleaned and remediated sludge is then reused as a soil amendment or safely disposed of in a landfill.


Industrial Waste

Mount’s materials division handles industrial waste recycling for facilities throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Fully compliant with all local regulations, our recycling team takes in everything from demolition and construction materials to coal combustion products (CCPs). With a range of options and capabilities, Mount’s industrial waste recycling solutions are convenient and cost-effective.


PCB Waste

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were once unregulated, but because of the risk they pose to human and environmental health, they require specialized handling and recycling today. Mount specializes in disposing of PCB waste or PCB-contaminated soils, ensuring environmental compliance and safety.


Reclamation and Clean Fill

Mount’s material division is your source for reclamation fill recycling and clean fill. We accept soil, dirt, and other materials deemed to be reclamation fill by the PADEP for recycling and resale as a range of construction products. A leader in environmental compliance, Mount Group ensures all materials we produce meet the highest standards for clean fill.

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