MOUNT CONSTRUCTION is a leader in marine and industrial dredging solutions. Much of New Jersey’s infrastructure is located along seacoast, rivers, and wetlands, and dredging is key to keeping the maritime economy flowing. One of the many benefits of dredging is the creation and maintenance of safe and efficient navigation channels. Our dredging capabilities extend from minor desilting to the dredging of trenches and channels in varying material grades.

Options for Dredged Materials Hauling and Disposal

Our team specializes in the treatment, reuse, and disposal of dredged materials. Using environmentally friendly dewatering techniques, our crews isolate and treat contaminated material to eliminate environmental threats. With haul-off transport options, we can recycle dredged materials for reuse as fill or oversee landfill disposal.

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Our Dredging Services


Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical dredging removes heavy-duty materials like rock and gravel and offers a high degree of mobility and precision. We use our fleet of barges and excavators to skillfully complete difficult mechanical dredging projects for our clients, hauling away the dredged materials for disposal, treatment, or reuse as fill.


Hydraulic Dredging

Hydraulic dredging uses clamshell buckets and suction to remove finer silts and sediments from waterways. Often effective in environmentally sensitive areas, hydraulic dredging can be less labor-intensive and costly than other options. MOUNT CONSTRUCTION is highly experienced completing hydraulic dredging projects in a wide variety of marine settings.


Harbors and Channels

Harbors, channels, rivers—high-use waterways are always shifting. MOUNT offers dredging services that keep waterways navigable and protect marine infrastructure. From permitting to removal, we help clients plan and execute cost-effective dredging operations to keep commerce flowing.


Ash Impoundments

MOUNT regularly performs hydraulic and mechanical dredging to remove settled coal combustion materials (CCR) from ash impoundments and ash ponds. Relying on a range of dredging techniques, our work increases ash pond holding capacity and mitigates potential environmental issues with dewatering and contaminated materials disposal.


Intake Basins and Retention Areas

Industrial ponds, intake basins, and other retention areas can accumulate vast quantities of silts and sediments from inflow. Over time, these materials can greatly reduce storage capacity. MOUNT offers complete intake basin and detention area dredging services to remove silt, sludge, and other residuals and keep your facility running optimally.


Environmental Dredging

MOUNT specializes in environmentally sensitive dredging projects. Using cutting-edge dredge tracking and GIS technology, our experts ensure all work meets environmental standards for strict return water quality, contaminated sediment removal, and clean fill capping.