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Bridges are both a critical and costly component of modern infrastructure; bridge failure can disrupt industry, commerce, the environment, and transportation, inconveniencing the public while incurring extremely high costs. Therefore, preventative bridge maintenance is a key element of structural stewardship, serving to ensure the safety of the public, conserve natural resources, and protect hefty financial investments.

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We specialize in performing structural work on behalf of public agencies and private companies. As a sole-source company, we excel at complex jobs. With bridge rehabilitation, MOUNT CONSTRUCTION is capable of delivering all structural bridge work in-house. At MOUNT, our responsibility goes beyond our customers. We’re committed to maintaining safety and convenience for the millions of citizens who use our region’s bridges and infrastructure every day.

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Bridge Construction and Rehab

From new bridge builds to bearing replacements or beam and deck repairs, MOUNT CONSTRUCTION specializes in bridge rehabilitation, and maintenance. Our expertise is backed up by our history, commitment to safe execution, and record for fast response.


Deep Foundations

Deep foundations are key to contending with the weak or unstable soils that often surround waterways and coastal areas. MOUNT has decades of experience planning and drilling deep foundations for new bridges and retrofitting existing ones. 


Structural Steel

Offering technology-driven solutions that save our clients time and money, MOUNT’s structural steel team performs difficult installations on land or on the water. Our team is committed to maintaining safety and efficiency, and our reputation precedes us—MOUNT clients know they’re working with the best in the business.


Bridge Bearings

A careful operation using hydraulic jacks, bridge bearing replacement can greatly extend the life of a bridge and improve safety for travelers. MOUNT specializes in setting and replacing bridge bearings using the latest technologies and best practices.


Beam Repair

Bridge steel can last for up to 100 years, but beams often need repair or replacement before the century mark due to weathering and damage. Whether removing beam sections and welding new steel back in or replacing complete I-beams, our team works safely to deliver lasting results.


Structural Concrete Bridges

MOUNT delivers a range of complete structural concrete bridge work on behalf of our clients. From simple slab bridges to arch and beam designs, our team regularly executes new concrete bridge builds and performs careful reinforcement and maintenance work on existing structures.


Poured Concrete Bridge Decks

MOUNT’s concrete team specializes in pouring faultless bridge decks and completing efficient replacements. Maintaining concrete bridge decks is key to preserving longevity and safety, and we perform complex repairs without impacting travelers with long delays.



Whether we’re retrofitting bridges to account for damage or updating them with new construction technologies to help them better withstand seismic impacts, Mount uses trained union laborers and highly experienced workers to complete every retrofitting project we undertake safely and cost-effectively.

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