Concrete Construction Recycling Solutions

Conveniently located at the Keystone Industrial Port Complex on the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border in Fairless Hills, PA, MOUNT MATERIALS is a full-service Class B recycling operation accepting a wide range of Class B construction debris including clean concrete, asphalt, and fill and job site waste.

We work with demolition contractors, site and highway contractors, remediation companies. Explore MOUNT MATERIAL’s removal and recycling options, including A901 and Act90 waste removal and transportation, to learn more.

MOUNT MATERIALS recycles construction waste to produce the highest-quality crushed concrete/RCA available in the Mid-Atlantic region.



Trust Your Concrete Waste to the Recycling Experts

MOUNT MATERIALS offers roll-off waste hauling or convenient drop-off at our recycling facility at budget-friendly rates.

Our team partners with clients to develop customized waste disposal programs.

Since 2015, we’ve helped builders, contractors, and public agencies meet their green building goals, avoid landfills, and secure LEED credits with our full-service waste recycling solutions.

We Accept:

Clean Concrete, Curb, Sidewalk, Concrete with Rebar, Broken Concrete


Clean Masonry Materials: Bricks, Pavers, Cinder Blocks

Asphalt Chunks

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Crushed Concrete Services


A901 and Act90 Hauling Services

Working with a properly licensed waste hauler is crucial to avoiding liabilities for improper disposal. MOUNT MATERIALS is fully licensed to haul materials under A901 (New Jersey) and Act90 (Pennsylvania) requirements. After nearly a decade of doing business throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, we’ve established a spotless record of compliance and a reputation for excellent service.


Recycling for Construction Reuse

From demolition debris to roadway rubble, MOUNT MATERIALS accepts construction refuse of all kinds and repurposes it for use as environmentally friendly backfill, subbase material, and other construction products. We then offer these aggregate materials for sale to builders and contractors, promoting the use of recycled materials and sustainable construction practices.

Make Your Waste Disposal Plan Today

MOUNT MATERIALS is the preferred crushed concrete recycling solution for the mid-Atlantic’s best builders. Contact our team today to learn how we can help.

Visit our Crushed Concrete materials page for more information on crushed concrete products currently available for sale.

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